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A Feast for Mackie (2019)
Pub Cantata for beggars, miners and drunks

  Stage Works - Operas/ music theatre
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work list 269-NW-2019

completed 09/05/2019

text Martin Becker

voices 8 singing actresses and actors, optional choir

instruments fl. (picc.), Ob., clar. (bass-clar.), bassoon– Horn, trumpet, trombone, Tuba – Timpani – 1 percussionist(Drumset) – harp, elctr. guit., piano - strings

duration 90'

world premiere 10/10/2019
With: Guy Clemens, Martin Horn, Veronika Nickl, Romy Vreden, Michael Lippold, Dominik Dos-Reis, Moritz Eggert
Bochumer Symphoniker, Conductor: Steven Sloane, Director: Johan Simons

Bochum (Germany), Anneliese-Brost-Musikforum

special "Song Play" (Play with inserted songs and musical interludes
Uses musical material from "La BETTLEROPERa", orchestration: Katharina Schmauder, Moritz Eggert


see also 24 Lieder und Zwischenspiele aus "Ein Fest für Mackie"

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