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Interior At Petworth (2005)
8 variations on a picture by William Turner

  Chamber music - Septets

  for septet
work list 156-05-HW

completed 10/09/2005

instruments Flute (also picc.), clarinet (also bass clar.), perc.., piano, violin, viola, violoncello

duration 16'

world premiere 11/13/2005
ars nova - Ensemble Nuremberg, conductor: Werner Heider
Erlangen (Germany). Musikinstitut

special Based on a picture William Turner, performance elements, various small instruments

dedicated Werner Heider und dem ars-nova-Ensemble Nürnberg

publication Sikorski,


Ausschnitt aus dem Stück bei youtube
Excerpt from te piece at youtube


excerpt, played by the ars nova ensemble (studio)

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