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  Stage Works - Musiktheater und Performance
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  Music/Dance Theatre
Based on Gay/Pepusch “Beggar’s Opera”
work list 251-17-HW

completed 07/24/2017

text Lyrics: Moritz Eggert
Libretto: Bernhard Glocksin/Balletto Civile

voices Roles (actors/dancers/singers): Peachum, Mrs. Peachum, Filch, Macheath, Polly, Matt, Jenny, Lucy, Lockit, Trappola, whores, gangsters

instruments Ensemble: 2 recorders (Sopranino-, Soprano-, Alto-, Tenor-, Bass-, Great Bass-, Paetzold), Electric Guitar, Violoncello and small instruments washboard/melodica/typewriter/bell/baroque violin (all instruments amplified)

duration 1 h 30'

special Overture Morning Chorale (Peachum) And Beauty Must Be Paid (Filch) DANCE I (2a) 3. Diamonds are Whore’s best Friend (Mrs. Peachum/Peachum) DANCE II (3a) 4. Macheath is my man (Polly) 5. Wait for the Tillerman (Polly/Mrs. Peachum) DANCE III (5a) 6. Dreaming a Dream of you (Macheath) 7. Bleib bei mir, kleine Sonne (Macheath, Polly) 7.a Zwischenaktmusik 8. We’ll keep whoring till the end (Matt und Chor) 9. Enjoy yourself (Jenny und Huren) DANCE IV (9a) 10. Behind the green door (Jenny) 11. It’s later than you think (Jenny,Hurenchor)12. They call it Dharma in Mandalay (Lucy) 13. It doesn’t end like that (Lucy/Macheath) 14. Twang Dang Dillo Dee (Lockit) 15. The Power of Love (Polly/Lucy) DANCE V (15a) 16. Bleib bei mir kleine Sonne (Reprise:Lucy/Macheath) 17. Confession (Lucy) 18. Giocatori sono amici (Lockit)19. How to make a living (Filch) DANCE VI (19a) 20.Wir sind Freunde (Macheath/Chor) DANCE VII (20a) 21.In the days of my youth (Trappola) DANCE VIII (21a) 22. I’m like a little ship (Lucy) 23. The Bile of Men (Polly und Lucy) Dance IX (23a) 24. Every Month was May (Polly) DANCE X (24a) 25. Cercatene un altro (Peachum) 26. Nun geh ich ein in die Dunkelheit (Macheath) Dance XI (26a) 27. Adieu, Farewell (Lucy, Polly, Macheath) Dance XII (27a) 28. Finale (Hau ihm einfach auf die Fresse, Alle)


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