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Hells Kitchen (2014)

  Stage Works - Musiktheater und Performance
also look at Chamber music

  for 3 players
work list 233-NW-2014

completed 07/14/2014

instruments Player 1: clarinet (Bb), hand brush, bass clarinet (Bb), soup/beer coaster/glass/spoon, horn

Player 2: Marimbaphone (small), coconut and saw, wooden frog, rice rattle, peppermill, castanets, bread paper (withz brush), bongos (2), shrill whistle, lithophone (e��, f sharp��, g��, a��, b��, c���, c sharp���, d���, e���), �pot organ� (electronically simulated): 1 bb, 2 d�, 3 a�, 4 c��, 5 e��, 6 b��, 7 c sharp���), mouth siren, nuts with nutcracker, small drumset, 2 squeaky objects, bike horn, kalimba, soup/beer coaster/glass/spoon

Player 3: Violoncello, metronome, glass organ (fastened tuned glasses, bowed): c��, e��, f��, g��, a��, singing saw, duck call, soup/beer coaster/glass/spoon

duration 70'

world premiere 11/07/2014
"KinderKinder�-Festival, Music and performance: Carola Schaal (clarinets), Sonja Lena Schmid (Cello), Sven Kacirek (Percussion), Devil: Apostolos Dulakis, Director: Heiko Hentschel
Hamburg (Germany), Kampnagel, P1

special Musical Theater for children, ca. 27 Minutes composed music, the rest improvisations devised together with the musicians


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