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Martien Martienne (2018)

  Stage Works - Operas/ music theatre

  Based on the short story „Ylla“ from the„Martian Chronicles“ by Ray Bradbury
work list 261-HW-2018

completed 12/23/2018

text Laurent Frèchuret, after Ray Bradbury

voices singer/actress, actor

instruments 5 Percussionists (Mallets and other instruments)

duration 60'

world premiere 10/18/2019
Director: Laurent Fréchuret, Arnaud Perrat, stage and computer visuals: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs Met Den Ancxt
With Claudine Charreyre, Mychel Lecoq, „voix off:“:François Chattot, percussions claviers de Lyon : Sylvie Aubelle, Renaud Cholewa, Jérémy Daillet, Gilles Dumoulin, Lara Oyedepo

Grenoble (France), Théatre Municipal de Grenoble


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