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Haemmerklavier XX: One Man Band 2 (2009)

  Chamber music - Piano solo
(suiteable for church)

  for piano and small instruments
work list 183-HW-2009

completed 03/04/2009

instruments Piano (with harmonica, toy piano, squeaky object, foot pedal with woodblock)

duration 8'

world premiere 04/18/2009
Moritz Eggert, pf.
Carl-Orff-Saal, Gasteig, Munich (Germany), Festkonzert "20 Jahre Winners&Masters"

dedicated Andreas Krause


texts short text about the piece, English

In 1994 I wrote the since then most performed piece of my „Haemmerklavier“ cycle: “One Man Band”. In this piece I tried to test the limits of normal piano playing – not with massed notes but with unusual actions performed in addition to the playing on the keys. So the pianist has to play with chin a... [more]

[ Moritz Eggert , 13.7.2009 ]
One Man Band 2, kurzer Text zum Stück


1994 entstand das vielleicht am meisten gespielte Stück meines „Hämmerklavier“-Zyklus, „One Man Band“. In diesem Stück versuchte ich, den Pianisten komplett zu überfordern, allerdings nicht mit Massen von Tönen sondern mi... [more]

[ One Man Band 2, short text about the piece , 25.3.2009 ]

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