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Haemmerklavier XIII (2002)
2 Ostinati: ostinato 12.8.2001, ostinato 5.9.2001

  Chamber music - Piano solo

  for piano, toy piano or celesta
work list 116a-01-HW

completed 09/05/2001

movements I. ostinato 5.9.2001
II. ostinato 12.8.2001

instruments piano or celesta solo

duration 6'

world premiere 09/20/2002
Moritz Eggert, pf./celesta
Biel (Switzerland), Tonkuenstlerfest, Salle de Peuple (ostinato 12.8.2001)/ Gent (Belgien) (ostinato 5.9.2001), Logos-Tetraeder, pian-OH Festival, 6/4/2003

special formerly postcard piece IV and V

also published in "Muenchner Klavierbuch - Neue Klaviermusik fuer den Unterricht"
Vogt&Fritz, VF 755

texts Hämmerklavier XIII: short text about the piece

Hämmerklavier XIII: 2 Ostinati

These short pieces were originally written as “postcard pieces”, although I have to admit that the postcards were rather large.
The first, 12.8.2001, was written for the birth of my second niece, Vera. The second, 5.9.2001, was written for Fr... [more]

[ Haemmerklavier XIII: short text about the piece , 25.04.2003 ]

see also Ostinato

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