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Compositions (solo CD's)

Single compositions on compilations | Solo CD's as pianist | Contribution as pianist | Demo-CD's
Title Home Sweet Home (2014)
Ein Versatzstück

<a href=

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Contains Kammeroper von Moritz EggertText: Helmut Krausser nach einer Idee von Moritz EggertMusikalische Leitung & Gesamtleitung: Prof. Wolfram KoloseusInszenierung: Katharina ThomaEine Produktion der Hochschule für Musik Mainz 201

Soundcarrier ISBN/EAN: 9783943157758

Available from

Title The Raven Nevermore (2012)
Music of infinite variety

Cover object by Günther Kieser
Cover object by Günther Kieser

Contains Moritz Eggert Music of Infinite Variety

As artists we are chroniclers of the emotions of a particular time, and if we are lucky, our chronicles radiate a little, illuminating the path (Moritz Eggert). This recording with the Stuttgart Kammerorchester shows how diverse these paths and emotions can be. The spectrum ranges from pieces such as Der Rabe Nimmermehr Ouvertüre to Tetragrammaton, specially composed for the ensemble, as well as Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen, a homage to Mahler and the almost extinct tradition of the orchestral chanson which was written with, and for, Inga Humpe. more...

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen for voice, electric guitar, piano and... (04:13)
Tetragrammoton for string orchestra (20:39)
Der Rabe Nimmermehr Ouvertüre for chamber orchestra (13:02)
Adagio An Answered Question for string orchestra (14:27)
Der ewige Gesang for strings (02:44)

Drei Seelen
I . (03:35)
II (Nouvelle Etude blanc) (03:40)
III. Etude de Yolimba (02:17)

Soundcarrier audite 92.687

Interpreters Inga Humpe | Adrian Iliescu | Moritz Eggert | Gregor Daszko | Heine Schiffers
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester

Michael Hofstetter

Available from audite Musikproduktion
Dipl.-Tonmeister Ludger Böckenhoff
Hülsenweg 7
D-32760 Detmold

Tel.: +49/5231/87 03 20
Fax.: +49/5231/87 03 21

Title Amad, Amad (2010)

Contains The best Ive ever written, said Mozart, referring to his quintet in E-flat major, KV 452, for piano, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon. Moritz Eggert, the German composer and pianist, took this statement to heart. Eggerts Amad, Amad scored for the same unusual instrumentation exudes the brio of Mozarts piece. Deploying a variety of musical techniques, ranging from classical gestures, demanding playing practices, and neoclassicist styles to contemporary allusions to Falcos Rock me Amadeus and the signature tune from the James Bond classic Diamonds are forever, Eggert has managed to create an entirely new sort of chamber music. Ever since Amad, as Mozart liked to be called, the game is going on!

Soundcarrier WWE 1CD 20284

Interpreters Quintetto Amadeo:
Moritz Eggert, piano
Paul van Zelm, horn
Manuel Bilz, oboe
Thorsten Johanns, clarinet
Ole Kristian Dahl, bassoon

Available from ol legno GmbH
Schönlaterngasse 5/3
A-1010 Wien

Office Salzburg:
Erzabt-Klotz-Straße 12
A-5020 Salzburg
T: +43 662 843194 0
+43 662 843194 0
F: +43 662 843194 44

Title I belong this road I know (2005)

cover by Jutta Oberhuber
cover by Jutta Oberhuber

Contains with the following premiere recordings: Hämmerklavier XII: highway 61 , La Risposta , Riff , Fast Forward , there was a building

Soundcarrier btlchr71201

Interpreters Elsbeth Moser, Bajan, Sebastian Hess, Nicolas Altstaedt, vc., Duo Shraeng (Frank Wingold und Ralph Beerkircher), e-git., Theo Bleckmann, voc., Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from Sunnymoon Records

Keppentaler Weg 3b

55286 Wörrstadt

Tel.: 06732-9361-0

Fax: 06732-9361-19


Neuenhöfer Allee 127

50935 Köln


Fax: 0221-130561-19

Title wide unclasp (2002)
A haunting in 12 songs

Photography: Gerald Domenig
Photography: Gerald Domenig

Contains Song cycle for voice and Jazz Ensemble, after poems by Anne Sexton and William ShakespeareI Wide Unclasp II Anna Who Was Mad (I) III The Room Of My Life IV Courage V Anna Who Was Mad (II) VI When Man Enters Woman VII The Silence VIII Anna Who Was Mad (III) IX Locked Doors X Rowing XI These Same Thoughts XII Anna Who Was Mad (IV)

Tracks [1-12] wide unclasp complete recording of the song cycle

Soundcarrier btl 031 (between the lines)

Interpreters Celine Rudolph, voc., Gerry Hemingway, dr., Georg Breinschmid, b., Steven Bernstein, tr., Sebastian Hess, vc., Ralph Beerkircher, git., Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from between the lines, Westendstrasse 24, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, tel.: 0049-69-971497-0, fax 069-971497-510

Order CD available over "amazon.,de"

Review "Moritz Eggert gehört zu den ungewöhnlichen Komponisten, die anscheinend jedes Terrain betreten können und es sich unverkrampft aneignen. Mit dieser CD und seiner Contemporary Band landete er im Jazz. Als Textautoren hat er mit Shakespeare und Anne Sexton eine merkwürdige Kombination finden kön... [more]

Title Neue Dichter Lieben (2001)

Contains Contains the complete live-recording of "Neue Dichter Lieben", with Yaron Windmüller and Moritz Eggert at the Expo 2000, German Pavillon.
Released by edition zeitklang and Radio 3 Klassik Club.

Tracks [1-20] Neue Dichter Lieben

Soundcarrier edition zeitklang 403282400061, ISRC DE-L29-00-0006

Interpreters Yaron Windmueller (Baritone)
Moritz Eggert (Piano)

Available from Edition Zeitklang,
Hintere Strasse 4,
38528 Adenbüttel
0177-6661777, 05304-930133fax930134

Order CD Tel.: 0 53 04 - 93 01 33
0177 - 66 61 77 7
Fax: 0 53 04 - 93 01 34
Bestellung & Hotline: 0177 - 66 61 77 7

Title Porträt-CD Moritz Eggert (1999)
in the composer series of the "Deutsche Musikrat"

cover object by Guenther Kieser
cover object by Guenther Kieser

Tracks [1] Bright Nights (original version, reworked version) Song of the Singer
[2-4] Bad Attitude
[5] Breathless see also Julia Whybrow Solo-CD
[6] Number Nine I
[7] Number Nine II
[8] Number Nine III
[9] Skelter
[10] Winter songs

Soundcarrier Schott Wergo CD WER 6543-2

Interpreters Bavarian State Orchestra, Simone Schneider, Sopr., Wolfgang Wirsching, Bar., Peter Hirsch, cond.
Sebastian Hess, Vc., Moritz Eggert, Pf.
Julia Whybrow, Recorders
Philharmonic Orchestra of the City of Nuremberg, Christian Reuter, cond.
Art Core Sax Quartet
Hibernalia Ensemble, Rupert Huber, cond.

Available from WERGO, Postfach 3640, 55026 Mainz, Germany

Order CD WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
Tel +49 6131 246-890
Fax +49 6131 246-216

Title Haemmerklavier I-X (1996)

cover object by Guenther Kieser
cover object by Guenther Kieser

Tracks [1] Haemmerklavier I
[2] Haemmerklavier II
[3] Haemmerklavier III
[4] Haemmerklavier IV
[5] Haemmerklavier V
[6] Haemmerklavier VI
[7] Haemmerklavier VII
[8] Haemmerklavier VIII
[9] Haemmerklavier IX
[10] Haemmerklavier X: Mouth Organ

Soundcarrier Schott Wergo CD WER 6611-2

Interpreters Moritz Eggert (piano)

Available from WERGO, Postfach 3640, 55026 Mainz, Germany

Order CD WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
Tel +49 6131 246-890
Fax +49 6131 246-216

Title Lunu (1996)

photo  by Mara Eggert
photo by Mara Eggert

Contains live-recording

Tracks Lunu

Soundcarrier Deutsche Akademie Villa Massimo CD 9701

Interpreters Stefanie Frueh, Rita Kapfhammer, Martina Sauer, Christian Gerhaber, Bernhard Hirtreiter, Tobias Schlierf, Alfred Reiter. Conductor: Jobst Liebrecht. Die Muenchener Bachsolisten

Order CD This CD is available through the composer for 5,-EUR

Title Querverbindungen (1995)
An art project by Oliver Kraehenbuehl, Jan Eric Hauber and Moritz Eggert

photo by Jan Eric Hauber
photo by Jan Eric Hauber

Contains contains a CD with Haemmerklavier I-X , as well as a catalogue of art and a "fax dialogue"

Tracks Haemmerklavier I
Haemmerklavier X: Mouth Organ
Haemmerklavier IX
Haemmerklavier VIII
Haemmerklavier VII
Haemmerklavier VI
Haemmerklavier V
Haemmerklavier IV
Haemmerklavier III
Haemmerklavier II
also with a catalogue of art and a "fax dialogue"

Soundcarrier ISBN 3-9520385-4-7 oder 5-5 (vorz), Remise Verlag, Winterthur/ Pro Litteris

Interpreters Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from Remise Verlag, Winterthur/ Pro Litteris

Order CD Remise Verlag
Postfach 2000
CH - 8401 Winterthur
Fax +41 (0)62 842 93 52


Single compositions on compilations

Compositions (solo CD's) | Solo CD's as pianist | Contribution as pianist | Demo-CD's
Title XXIV Fantasie per il Flauto (2018)

Contains Works by Telemann and contemporary composers:
Howard, Penman, Leith, Chadburn, Miyachi, de Wardener, Gieshoff, Corp, Eggert, Mullov-Abbado, Zabel and Matthews (Premiere Recordings!)

Even during his lifetime Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767) was not only held in high regard by his colleagues, but was also known for his many skills. Amongst them were his ability to compose pieces in rapid succession, producing one earworm after the other, and his sense for music business and publishing. Last but not least Telemann was renowned for his modern zeitgeist, which enabled him to embrace the evolving musical tastes of his time and the preferences of his audience. His compositional output encompasses influences and musical fashions from many European counties, melting them into the so-called mixed style, the goût réuni.

This mix of styles is an especially prominent feature in his XII Fantasie per il Flauto senza Basso (c. 1733, Hamburg). These Fantasias for an unaccompanied flute juxtapose German counterpoint with Italian virtuosity, French and English dance movements with Polish folk infused dances. Perhaps this is what Telemann’s choice of title, ‘Fantasie’, refers to: a fanciful, imaginative, daring, and fantastic line-up of musical languages. This invites the idea of exploring the continuing relevance of these ingenious pieces by adding the 21st century to the mosaic of compositional styles.
On the occasion of Telemann’s 250th anniversary of death in 2017 the City Music Foundation and Tabea Debus have commissioned twelve contemporary pieces based on each of the Fantasias. All of these freshly-penned pieces are reflections on thematic, harmonic or rhythmic material taken from the Fantasias, a (re-) interpretation of musical ideas, a reply to Telemann’s musical thoughts.
This recording aims not only at documenting the ever expanding repertoire for solo recorder, but also at showcasing so-far “unheard of” ways of listening to seemingly ‘old” music. It strives to reveal the continuous relevance of Telemann’s music in general and his twelve Fantasias for solo flute in particular.
(extract of the booklet text)

Soundcarrier 4250702801054 TXA18105 TYXart

Interpreters Tabea Debus

Available from

Title 30 Jahre Edition Zeitgenoessische Musik (2018)

Contains contains: Song of the Singer from "Bright Nights)

Soundcarrier Wer 6427 2


Available from Deutscher Musikrat gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH
Edition Zeitgenössische Musik

Weberstraße 59
53113 Bonn

0228 - 20 91-170
0228 - 20 91-200 (Fax)

Gerardo Scheige
Sina Miranda

Title 250 piano pieces for Beethoven (2016)
international composition project by Susanne Kessel

Contains CD1

York Höller Weit entfernt und doch so nah

Stefan Thomas Bagatelle mi cis

Moritz Eggert Hämmerklavier XXV. Abweichung

Stefan Cassomenos Twilight in Bonn

Leander Ruprecht Sonata in D minor / (2nd-movement)

William Kraft A moment of your time

Frank Zabel Mashup Elise in Warschau

Helmut Zerlett Moon in C sharp minor

Gisle Kverndokk Gott! Welch Dunkel hier!

Walter Zimmermann Groll & Dank

Dietmar Bonnen Rote Beete

Charlotte Seither Left Luggage


Nikolas Sideris O ihr Menschen

Dennis Kuhn Ludwigs harp

rni Egilsson Respectfully

Nickos Harizanos To B

David P. Graham Two footnotes

Alex Shapiro Chord history

William Kinderman Beethoven

Haukur Tmasson Beton

Johannes Quint Ein Akkord aus Beethovens Sonate op. 101

Ali N. Askin 7 Momente aus 111

Joan Huang A flowing brook in Yunnan

Boris Kosak Karneval in der Bonngasse

Demetrius Spaneas dchirant

Soundcarrier ppfB1

Interpreters Susanne Kessel, pf.

Available from

Title Violin Futura (2016)

Contains The Violin Futura Project was developed by violinist and composer Piotr Szewczyk in 2005. The project is a compilation of commissioned miniatures for solo violin that feature over thirty international modern composers and how they are re-defining the solo violin. The purpose of the Violin Futura Project is to sample the creative environment of our times by showcasing the wide variety of styles present in the 21st century, and to create a body of new solo violin repertoire. (Szewczyk) The composers on this album represent numerous countries and cultures including the United States, UK, Poland, Mexico, China, Hong-Kong, Japan, Canada, and Germany. Although the works stand alone as miniatures, when performed together paint a landscape of music in the 21st century. Szewczyk has been a member of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra since 2007, and has won numerous awards including the Interlochen Concerto Competition, CCM Chamber Music Competition, and Young Artist String Competition, among others.

Soundcarrier B01A9YQP6O

Interpreters Piotr Szewczyk, vl.

Available from

Title Ablenkungsmanöver (2016)

Contains Eggert, Eröd, Previn, Röntgen & Vivier: Ablenkungsmanöver - Musik für Fagott und Klavier

Soundcarrier SRL4-15140

Interpreters Annette Winker, bassoon, Klaus Simon, pf.

Available from

Title Aggro (2015)
Saxophon und Klavier aus drei Jahrhunderten

Christian Segmehl und Ingo Dannhorn spielen Musik für Saxophon und Klavier aus drei Jahrhunderten<br />
<br />
Bringt man auch nur eine CD mit guten Stücken für Saxophon und Klavier voll? Aber hallo! Und wenn man Christian Segmehl heisst, dann schon gleich dreimal.
Christian Segmehl und Ingo Dannhorn spielen Musik für Saxophon und Klavier aus drei Jahrhunderten

Bringt man auch nur eine CD mit guten Stücken für Saxophon und Klavier voll? Aber hallo! Und wenn man Christian Segmehl heisst, dann schon gleich dreimal.

Contains contains Aggro for saxofone and piano (first recording)

Soundcarrier CTH2625

Interpreters Christian Segmehl, sax., Ingo Dannhorn, pf.


Eisenbahnstr. 30 | 77815 Bühl

Tel. +49 (0) 7223 808 35 60 Fax +49 (0) 7223 808 35 69



Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Mannheim HRB 707226

Geschäftsführer: Ute Rinschler

Umsatzsteuer-ID DE265920514


Title Liederwelten und instrumentale Poesie (2012)
Wilhelm Killmayer 85th birthday CD

Contains Compositions by Wilhelm Killmayer, dedicated compositions by pupils and friends

contains: Moritz Eggert: "Schmoeger/Heisse Nacht bei Brabinski" for voice and piano

Soundcarrier Hochschule für Musik und Theater München 52

Interpreters Julia Rutigliano, sopr., Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Arcisstra0e 12
BR Klassik

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Title Points of Contact (2010)

Contains contains first recording of Moritz Eggert's Narcissus for recorder and piano

Soundcarrier UNIMOZ.44,2010

Interpreters Duo Enssle-Lamprecht

Available from

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Title Musikrat 75 (2010)

Contains contains:
Moritz Eggert: Breathless for recorder solo

also works by:
Peter Michael Hamel - Markus Hechtle - Johannes Kalitzke - Isabel Mundry - Enno Poppe - Jay Schwartz - Hannes Seidl - Mathias Spahlinger - Jörg Widmann

Soundcarrier WER 65922

Interpreters Julia Whybrow, rec.

HR-Sinfonieorchester / conductor: Diego Masson / ensemble Intgrales / NewEars.ensemble / conductor: Jonathan Stockhammer / Klangforum Wien / conductor: Stefan Asbury / Ensemble Modern / conductor: Dominique My / Julia Whybrow: recorder / Ernesto Molinari: clarinet / Teodoro Anzellotti: accordion / Dietburg Spohr: voice / Walter Seyfarth: clarinet / Ulrich Heinen: violoncello / Collegium vocale Köln / Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken / conductor: Johannes Kalitzke / Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks / conductor: Hans Zender

Available from Deutscher Musikrat gGmbH, Weberstrasse 59, 51113 Bonn (Germany)

Order CD,275255.html

Title An Robert Schumann (2010)
music inspired by Schumann's "Kreisleriana"

Cover of the CD
Cover of the CD

Contains Moritz Eggert: Kreislerianana (Haemmerklavier XXII), 2nd movement

also works by Haage, Israel, Denhoff, Dragicevic, Sokolov, Shapiro, Milo, Lucier, Niehaus, Lang, Maiwald

Soundcarrier P330.30

Interpreters Susanne Kessel, pf.

Available from OBST Musik- und Kunstproduktion
Piccoloministraße 330
51067 Köln (Cologne), Germany
Fon: 0221 - 63 48 96

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Title Deep Wireless 5 (2008)
Radio Art Compilation

Contains Deep Wireless 5 CD 1

1 Seconds by Dorothy Hindman 00:59 (listen)
2 Creatures of the Ice by Eldad Tsabary 04:39 (listen)
3 Rough Cuts from a Harsh Land: Tarset 2007 by James Wyness 11:35 (listen)
4 Jubilate with the help of garbage by solublefish 01:21 (listen)
5 Parcelles 1 (movements # 5,6, & 7) by Christian Bouchard 05:30 (listen)
#5 St-Malo/Intra muros; Va vient du midi
#6 Paril/le Concorde; En attendant le Boeing
#7 Tout prs de mes microphones; tous les passants, meri!
6 All Over Again by Sandeep Bhagwati 00:59 (listen)
7 AWOL by Roberto Santiguido 10:47 (listen)
8 W.B.Q. by Julia Norton 00:57 (listen)
9 Jazvuk by Andre Bartetzki 09:37 (listen)
10 Dididahdit by Solange Kershaw 00:59 (listen)
11 ExobiologY by Raphal Neron 09:29 (listen)
12 Power Play (excerpts from Deep Wireless 2006) by Anna Friz, Richard Lee, Christine Duncan and Richard Windeyer 17:12 (listen)
13 The One Minute Piece That Took Me Ages To Do And Which Is Really Impressive ** by Moritz Eggert 01:00 (listen)
14 End of Dinner by Paul Collins & Jean-Jacques Palix 03:51 (listen)

** Note: The One Minute Piece That Took Me Ages To Do And Which Is Really Impressive contains some strong language.

Tracks [13] The One Minute Piece That Took Me Ages To Do And Which Is Really Impressive

Interpreters various

Available from New Adventures in Sound Art
103 Beaconsfield Ave., main floor
Toronto, ON, M6J 3J3

(just up from the Drake hotel)

Phone 416-516-7413
Fax 416-516-7541

Managing Director: Nadene Theriault-Copeland
Artistic Director: Darren Copeland
Web-master: Barry Rueger

Title Horizon 1 (2008)
Premieres 2007

Horizon 1
Horizon 1

Contains Moritz Eggert: Number Nine VI: A Bigger Splash for large orchestra

also works by C. Matthews, Theo Verbeij und Detlev Glanert

Soundcarrier RCO 08003

Interpreters Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Markus Stenz, cond.

Available from Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Jacob Obrechtstraat 51
1071 KJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
getting there

Phone +31 (0)20 3051010 (weekdays from van 9.00 am - 5.15 pm)
Fax +31 (0)20 3051001

Title Weaver Of Fictions (2008)
Genevieve Lacey, recorder

<br />

Contains Moritz Eggert: alien for recorder and electronics

Track Listing

* STEVE STELIOS ADAM et dgn (2006)
* LIZA LIM weaver-of-fictions (2007)
* BRETT DEAN and BOB SCOTT Miss Genevieves Nocturne (2006)
* ARVO PÄRT Pari intervallo (1976/80)
* DAMIAN BARBELER Confession 2 (2007)
* DAMIAN BARBELER Confession 3 (2007)
* JOHN RODGERS The Butcher Bird (2006)
* MAX DE WARDENER Minutia (2003)
* JOHN RODGERS Jackie Winter and Friends (2006)
* JASON YARDE A Midnight Dream of Summer (2007)
* JOHN RODGERS The Grey Thrush (2006)
* JOHN RODGERS The Magpie (2006)
* JOHN SURMAN In the Distance (2005)
* PETER SCULTHORPE Maranoa Lullaby (2007)
* JOHN RODGERS Little Brown Honeyeater (2006)
* MORITZ EGGERT alien (2005)

Soundcarrier ISBN 4766439

Interpreters Genevieve Lacey, recorders

Available from

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To contact us within Australia please:
phone us on 1300 360 111
or fax us on 1300 360 150

Or if you are outside of Australia:
phone us on +61 2 8333 5666
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Our postal address is:
The ABC Shop
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Title European Ensemble Academy (2007)
The Music

Cover of the CD
Cover of the CD

Contains Live Recording from the International Project of the "Deutsche Musikrat"
Moritz Eggert: Anna Who Was Mad for voice and large ensemble

Tracks [4] Anna Who Was Mad Anna Who Was Mad, complete live recording

Soundcarrier LC 0970

Interpreters Ensemble 07, Bettina Koziol, voc., Sian Edwards, conductor
Ensemble Perspektiv
European Movement Jazz Orchestra
Manfred Schoof

Available from Deutscher Musikrat, Weberstrasse 59, 53113 Bonn, Telefon: +49-228-2091-0, fax 200

Title 60x60 2005 (2007)

Contains contains: Moritz Eggert: The One Minute Piece That Took Me Ages To Do And Which Is Really Impressive

Tracks The One Minute Piece That Took Me Ages To Do And Which Is Really Impressive

Soundcarrier 3710136315

Interpreters various

Available from Vox Novus
Radio City Station
P.O. Box 1607
NY, NY 10101 (USA)

available through "itunes" as well

Order CD The CD includes works from: Eve Beglarian, Steve Betts, Daniel Goode,
Moritz Eggert, Karlheinz Essl, David Gamper, Robert Gluck, David Gamper,
Robert Gluck, Polly Moller, Maggi Payne and Allen Strange.

The 60 x 60 operates as both a concert performance and a CD. The Project
is now in its fifth year. Works on the double CD represent the years 2004
and 2005 in the project history. The first CD, from 2003, was released on
Capstone Records.

The 60 x 60 has received approximately 70 performances in cities
worldwide, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis,
London, Sydney, Munich, Bucharest, Lille and others.
The 60 x 60 has been featured or received airplay on Soundcheck (WNYC),
Afternoon New Music (WKCR), The Sculpted Word (WBAR), Foldover (WOBC),
Martian Gardens (WUMA), and Kalvos and Damien's New Music Bazaar (WDGR).
The CD is available on CD Baby, iTunes and the Vox Novus website.

"It's like channel-surfing through experimental music-all over in an hour
or less!"
-Geeta Dayal, Village Voice

"Andy Warhol gave us 15 minutes to bask in glory, but Robert Voisey cuts
to the chase: state your case in 60 seconds or less."
-Noah Creshevsky, Professor Emeritus, Brooklyn College

".a musically eclectic mix of murmurs, melodies and motifs..."
-Sophia Yan, Oberlin Review

Title Violin Futura (2007)
21st Century Solo Violin Project

Contains contains Moritz Eggert: Idyl for violin solo

Interpreters Piotr Scewczyk, vl.

Title Musikalische Reverenzen: Die Wiener Schulen (2006)
Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000

Contains Trio for piano trio (from "trio no. 2")

also works by Becker, Schnittke, Baur, Jörns, Hübler, Schnebel, Wolschina

Soundcarrier 74321 73592 2

Interpreters Muriel Cantoreggi, vl. , Sebastian Hess, vc., Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from

Deutscher Musikrat

CD-Dokumentation "Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000"

Berliner Str. 1

12529 Schönefeld

Tel.: 033762 82233

Fax: 033762 82234

Kontakt: Gisela Schneider

Title touch! - don't touch! (2006)
Music for Theremin

Contains The Son Of The Daughter Of Dracula Versus The Incredible Frankenstein Monster From Outer Space
for 2 Theremins and Ensemble

Soundcarrier WER 6679 2

Interpreters Barbara Buchholz, Lydia Kavina (Theremine), Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

Available from Barbara Buchholz, Lydia Kavina (Theremins), Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

Order CD #LL#,223733.html

Review Touch! Don't Touch! | Music for theremin
Werke von Olga Bochihina, Caspar Johannes Walter, Moritz Eggert, Iraida Yusupova

Barbara Buchholz, Lydia Kavina, Theremien
Kammerensemble neue musik berlin

WERGO WER 6679 2

Angesicht unse... [more]

Title Music in Germany, 1975-2000, solo voice mit orchestra (2006)

cover of the CD
cover of the CD

Contains No Man's Land Hymn for soprano, alto, bass and orchestra

Soundcarrier 74321 73557 2

Interpreters Sibylle Plocher, sopr., Silvia Fichtl, Alt, Markus Hollop, Bass, Catharina Seidel, org., Alexander Hötzinger, vibr., Graunke Symphonieorchester, Andreas Ruppert, Leitung

Available from RCA Red Seal

Order CD CD-Dokumentation "Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000"

Berliner Str. 1

15732 Waltersdorf

Tel.: 033762 82233

Fax: 033762 82234

Title 20 years Edition zeitgenoessische Musik (2005)
CrossCut Edition

Contains contains short excerpt from breathless from the Musikrat-CD Moritz Eggert

Tracks Breathless Julia Whybrow, rec.

Soundcarrier Wer 6599 2

Interpreters Julia Whybrow, rec.

Available from

Förderungsprojekte Zeitgenössische Musik

Weberstraße 59

53113 Bonn

Tel 0228.20 91-170

Fax 0228.20 91-200


Order CD 1,50,-EUR (Sampler)

Title Peripheries (2003)
contemporary and medieval music for the recorder

Photo: Knut Knoops
Photo: Knut Knoops

Contains Beautifully designed and recorded CD with works by Hildegard von Bingen, Dorothee Hahne, Karin Rehnqvist, Thibaut de Champagne, Maki Ishii, Seiichi Inagaki and Moritz Eggert

Tracks [9] Breathless

Soundcarrier edition modern c+p 2003 Marc Aurel Edition LC 00572

Interpreters Dorothee Oberlinger, rec.

Available from marc aurel edition

Tonträgerverlagsgesellschaft mbH

Lessingstr. 5

D-50996 Köln

Tel. +49 221 9352124

Fax +49 221 9352126


Order CD marc aurel edition

Tonträgerverlagsgesellschaft mbH

Lessingstr. 5

D-50996 Köln

Tel. +49 221 9352124

Fax +49 221 9352126


Title das ist taktlos (2003)
taktlos - die Musikmagazin-Collage Vol.1

das ist taktlos - cover
das ist taktlos - cover

Contains "taktlos" is one of the few really dedicated classical/contemporary music-shows in Germany (bavarian radio). It is critical, funny, and always features live-performances of guest musicians.

Tracks Haemmerklavier XI live recording with Moritz Eggert

Soundcarrier bcc0508 (Blue Calvin Classics)

Interpreters Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from Blue Calvin Classics, Postfach 1161, 82230 Wessling, 0815 391 6000

Title Neue Dichter Lieben (Munich Edition) (2002)
ADevantgarde Festival 2001

cover "Neue Dichter Lieben" - Munich edition

Contains Studio recording of the 20 songs premiered at the ADevantgarde festival 2001Lieder by Weidner, Kuehnl, Hummel, van Eijden, Westermann, Singer, Poppe, von Dadelsen, Luetge, Klein, Grosskopf, Kampe, Strauch, Werner, Seither, Schmitt, Tchiba, Hess, Eggert, Luecker, after poems by Leupold, Krueger, Nick, Deinert, Asmodi, Politycki, Lentz, Viswinckel, Baechler, Langer, Heidenreich, Wuehr, Kempff, Heuser, Luidl, SAID, Draesner, Ammer, Ostermaier, Krausser

Tracks ausklang first recording

Soundcarrier LC 11117 amphion records

Interpreters Liat Himmelheber, Mezzo, Thomas Berau, Bariton, Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from amphion records GmbH
Leopoldstrasse 108b
80802 München
tel.: +49-89-343520 fax 380553

Order CD fon +49 (89) 34 35 20
fax +49 (89) 383 805 53

Leopoldstr. 108b
80802 München

Title Concours Molinari 2001-2002 (2002)
concert with the prizewinning works

Little Hideaways
Little Hideaways

Contains Little Hideaways for string quartet, premiere recordingalso works by Chmoulewitsch, Edwards and Colla

Tracks [3] Little Hideaways first recording

Soundcarrier ACD 2 2286

Interpreters Molinari quartet

Available from

Order CD MUSIKwelt Tonträger
Sprakeler Straßbe 370
48159 Münster
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Title Irrenoffensive (2002)
Opera in Germany 1990-1996

Irrenoffensive Cover
Irrenoffensive Cover

Contains Bright Nights Excerpt of 15 minutes

Tracks Bright Nights (original version, reworked version) Excerpt of 15 minutes
also excerpts from "Enrico" (Trojahn), "Der Spiegel des Grossen Kaisers" (Glanert), "Das D Amato-System" (Oehring) and "Schwarz auf Weiss" (Goebbels)

Soundcarrier BMG Classics 74321 73544 2

Interpreters Simone Schneider, Claes Ahnsjoe, Wolfgang Wirsching, Ruediger Trebes, Paeivi Elina, Helena Jungwirth, Anne Pellekoorne, Bayerisches Staatsorchester, Ltg. Peter Hirsch

Available from Deutscher Musikrat
Deutscher Musikrat

Order CD BMG Ariola Classics GmbH
Neumarkter Str. 28
D-81673 München
Tel: +49 (0)89/4136-9660

Title Music in Germany 1950-2000 (2002)
Vocal chamber music, solo and piano 1970-2000

F. Schenker, R. Trexler, G. Katzer (private photo)
F. Schenker, R. Trexler, G. Katzer (private photo)

Contains Large music compilation (19 boxes with 5-10 CDs each), published by the "Deutscher Musikrat"

Tracks [30] Liebeserklaerung from: Neue Dichter Lieben
[31] herz vers sagen from: Neue Dichter Lieben

Soundcarrier BMG Classics 74321 73530 2

Interpreters Yaron Windmueller, Baritone, Moritz Eggert, piano (lice recording from the Expo 2000)

Available from #LL#

Order CD BMG Ariola Classics GmbH
Neumarkter Str. 28
D-81673 München
Tel: +49 (0)89/4136-9660

Title Blockflute Short Cuts (2002)
Demo-CD for composers

Contains Short excerpts from various pieces to demonstrate the possibilities of the recorder

Tracks [10-11] Breathless Excerpt

Soundcarrier MIO records

Interpreters Jorge Isaac, recorders

Available from

Title Jeunesse Moderne (2001)
Academy for contemporary chamber music

Contains world premieres in Lyon, Weikersheim and Munich, compositions by Tobias PM Schneid, Vincent Carinola, Frederic Pattar, Benjamin Schweitzer, Daniel D'Adamo, Aleksander Kosciow und Moritz Eggert

Tracks [3] pong first recording

Interpreters various

Available from Institut für kulturelle Innovationsforschung, new classical e.V.
Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany
Postfach 602129
22231 Hamburg

Title Bridges into the future (2001)
documentation of the German pavillon, Expo 2000

original cover
original cover

Contains This CD-Rom (for PC and Mac) contains among other things a compliation of the outstanding cultural program of the German pavillon, in pictures, text, and sound.

Soundcarrier DR1-013-4 01731 CDEXP

Interpreters Peter Sadlo, percussion, Vogler quartet

Available from DVG, Birkenmaarstrasse 8, 53340 Meckenheim (Germany)

Order CD Presse-und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung, Dorotheenstrasse 84, 10117 Berlin

Title Contemporanea 2000 (Quarta Rassegna di "Nuova Musica" (2000)

Contains Premiere Recording of
Croatoan I: englische stimmen for Glockenspiel and string quartet

Tracks Croatoan I Premiere Recording
also works by Virgili, Sannicandro, Lauricella, Rismondo, Manfrin, Garro, Marrero

Soundcarrier TauKay 118

Interpreters Interensemble, IIIo Concorso Citt di Udine

Available from TauKay Edizioni Musicali
via del torre 57/5
33047 Remanzacco (Udine)

Order CD via del torre 57/5, 33047 Remanzacco (Udine), ITALIA
tel +39 (0) 432 649244, fax +39 (0) 432 649575

Title Don't panic! (2000)
60 Seconds for Piano

Contains Haemmerklavier XI: What if 1 composer from 1 country wrote 60 pieces under a second for solo piano? The eagerly awaited CD by Guy Livingston with 60 pieces under a minute, among them pieces by Louis Andriessen, Newt Hinton, Ketty Nez, Elliot Sharp, Atanasio Khyrsh...Duration: 63 minutes...hey, wait a moment!

Tracks Haemmerklavier XI
also works by Louis Andriessen, Newt Hinton, Ketty Nez, Elliot Sharp, Atanasio Khyrsh...

Soundcarrier Wergo 6649 2

Interpreters Guy Livingston, piano
Joana Preiss, speaker

Available from WERGO, Postfach 3640, 55026 Mainz, Germany

Order CD WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
Tel +49 6131 246-890
Fax +49 6131 246-216

Title WERGO collection 2 (2000)
Edition Zeitgenössische Musik

Wergo Sampler
Wergo Sampler

Contains Sampler with works by various artists in the edition of the "Deutsche Musikrat"

Tracks Bad Attitude 2nd and 3rd movement
also works by Mueller-Wieland, Mahnkopf, Proeve, Staub, Werner, Mundry, Krebs, Kuehnl, Heusinger, Steinke, von Bose, Koblenz

Soundcarrier WER 6596 2

Interpreters Sebastian Hess, Cello
Moritz Eggert, piano
(and many others)

Available from WERGO, Postfach 3640, 55026 Mainz, Germany

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WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
Tel +49 6131 246-890
Fax +49 6131 246-216

Title Ausser Atem (1997)

Contains on CD Weeds in Ophelia's Hair - Neue Musik fuer Blockfloete Vol. 3

Tracks also includes works by Berio, Casken, Tsoupaki, Donatoni, Janssen, Moser, Smith, Riehm
[5] Breathless

Soundcarrier Cadenza CD CAD 800 911

Interpreters Julia Whybrow (flutes)

Available from BAYER-Records
Pforzheimer Str. 30
D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

Order CD Bayer Records (see above)

Title Et in Arcadia Ego (1996)

Contains on CD "Simposio di Musica Pescocostanzo 1998"

Tracks [1] Et in Arcadia Ego
[2-6] also includes works by Ford, Timossi

Soundcarrier Simposio di Musica Motoperpetuo CD BKB 189

Interpreters Farandole string quartet

Available from Die einzige Auflage ist vergriffen, daher kann nur noch eine private Kopie ueber den Komponisten bestellt werden/ the only edition is out of print, so you can order a private copy of this CD only through the composer

Order CD or for 5,-EUR from the composer CD Et in Arcadia Ego

Title Klavier Musik Utopien (1991)

Design: Sandeep Bhagwati
Design: Sandeep Bhagwati

Contains Presented by ADEvantgarde: contemporary piano music (tape only!)

Tracks scene from Paul and Virginie first recording
Maerchenbilder (Sandeep Bhagwati), Moritz Eggert, pf.
Sechs Skizzen für Klavier (Ulrich Stranz), Moritz Eggert, pf.
Tagesreste (Rupert Huber), Moritz Eggert, pf.

Soundcarrier ADEvantgarde

Interpreters Moritz Eggert, piano

Available from Moritz Eggert, Hohenzollernstrasse 74, 80801 München

Order CD Sommerstraße 7/RGB
81543 München
Telefon: 0 89 / 44 14 05 35
Telefax: 0 89 / 44 14 05 36


Solo CD's as pianist

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Title War Requiem (2018)

Contains Musikakademie der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes 2017

Interpreters Chor, Kammerorchester und Sinfonieorchester der Musikakademie des deutschen Volkes, Wettges/Eggert (Dirigenten), Jeub/Nicolay/Voigt/Appl, Münchener Knabenchor, Ludewig

Available from

Title Piano Works by Marcus Antonius Wesselmann (2015)


01 SOLO 5 (1998/1999) 15:15

01 SOLO 6 (2000) 15:09

01 SOLO 7 -moto blues- (2001) 05:25

SOLO 9 -kombinatorische etüden- (2003) 41:09

01 1 DANCE, STANDING 01:31
01 2 SONG, RUNNING 05:41
01 3 MACHINE ONE 02:49
01 5 LAMENT, RUNNING 03:30
01 6 DANCE, RUNNING 04:02
01 8 NO LAMENT 03:14
01 11 DANCE FOUR 05:28

total playing time: 76:58

Moritz Eggert, piano

Soundcarrier EAN: 4260063115080

Interpreters Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from Office address:
Tegernseer Landstr. 135
81539 München

Management +49 89 51877713
Administration & graphics +49 89 51877714
Editorial office +49 89 51877715

Fax: +49 89 45818381


Title Wolfgang Fortner: Chamber Music (2000)

cover picture Gustl Stein: Majestoso
cover picture Gustl Stein: Majestoso

Contains CD with an introduction by Moritz Eggert:

Tracks [1-3] Sonate für Violine und Klavier (1945), Albrecht Breuninger, vl. Moritz Eggert, pf.
[4-7] Zyklus für Violoncello und Klavier (1964), Sebastian, Moritz Eggert, pf.
[8-14] Sieben Elegien (Seven Elegies) for piano (1950), Moritz Eggert, pf.
[15-16] Trio für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier (1978), Albrecht Breuninger, vl., Sebastian Hess, vc., Moritz Eggert, pf.

Soundcarrier Schott Wergo CD WER 6624-2

Interpreters Albrecht Breuninger (violin), Sebastian Hess (cello), Moritz Eggert (piano)

Available from WERGO, Postfach 3640, 55026 Mainz, Germany

Order CD WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
Tel +49 6131 246-890
Fax +49 6131 246-216

Review "Bessere Interpreten als Breuninger, Hess und Eggert kann man isch dafür kaum wünschen. Denn die jungen Musiker haben schon aus Gründen ihres Alters mit den Grabenkämpfen und Dogmen der wilden Darmstädter Jahre nichts am Hut, sondern nähern sich jedem Werk unvoreingenommen aufs Neue. Mehr davo... [more]

Title Helmut Krausser: Kammermusik (1998)

Tracks [5-5] Vier Poussagen, Moritz Eggert, pf.
[8-8] Drei Lieder, Sebastian Hess, vc., Moritz Eggert, pf.

Interpreters Barbara Baier, sopr., Sebastian Hess, vc., Thomas Emmerling, Moritz Eggert, pf.

Order CD Belleville
Verlag Michael Farin
Hormayrstr. 15
D-80997 München

Tel: +49-89-1492799
Fax: +49-89-1404585

Title Jan Mueller-Wieland (1998)

Contains Portrait-CD Edition Deutscher Musikrat:

Tracks Das Gastspiel (The Royal Opera Singer) - Scene for three pianists and three percussionists (1990/91), mit Moritz Eggert, pf.
Poem des Morgens (Poem of the Morning) for large orchestra (1991)
Symphony No. 2 - Finale "Arabeske" (1988)
Yasmin - song cycle

Soundcarrier Schott Wergo CD WER 6535-2

Interpreters Moritz Eggert, Peter Sadlo, Michael Endres, Martin Zehn a. o. Conductor: Jan Mueller-Wieland

Available from WERGO, Postfach 3640, 55026 Mainz, Germany

Order CD WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
Tel +49 6131 246-890
Fax +49 6131 246-216

Title Markus Schmitt (1998)
Portrait-CD (Villa Massimo-edition)

Contains Portrait-CD:

Tracks [1-5] Siebenkaes-Musik
[6] Echoi, Sebastian Hess, vc., Moritz Eggert, pf.
[7-13] Quelle Belle Femme
[14-16] Tre Sonate Galanti, Moritz Eggert, pf.
[17] Jean Paulsche Bagatellen
[18] Niedere Minne

Soundcarrier Cavalli Records/Villa Massimo CD CCD 234

Interpreters Anna-Maria Bogner (Soprano), Irmela Nolte (Flute), Barbara Kink (Violin), Gunter Pretzel (Viola), Marlis Neumann (Harp), Sebastian Hess (Cello), Moritz Eggert (Piano)

Available from Cavalli Records
Egino Klepper
Ludwigshoehe 4
D-96049 Bamberg

Order CD Fon +49 951-509781
Fax +49 951-509782

Title Hans-Juergen von Bose (1993)

Ansicht vom Cover
Ansicht vom Cover "Hans-Jürgen von Bose"

Contains Portrait-CD:

Tracks Labyrinth II (Maze II) for piano solo (1987), Moritz Eggert, pf.
Solo for cello (1979)
String Quartet No. 3 (1986/87)

Soundcarrier Schott Wergo CD WER 6226-2

Interpreters Moritz Eggert (piano), Sebastian Hess (cello), Mandelring-Quartett

Available from WERGO, Postfach 3640, 55026 Mainz, Germany

Order CD WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
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Contribution as pianist

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Title Der Klang des Denkers (2017)
Vertonungen von Gedichten von Friedrich Nietzsche

Contains Mit der Aufnahme von 28 Gedichtvertonungen von 9 Komponisten haben der Sänger Peter Schöne und der Pianist Moritz Eggert neuartige Perspektiven auf Friedrich Nietzsches lyrisches Werk und seine musikalische Adaption erschlossen. Die Musik hatte einen hohen Stellenwert für Nietzsche. So schrieb er 1888 in einem Brief den berühmten Satz: Das Leben ohne Musik ist einfach ein Irrtum, eine Strapaze, ein Exil.

Eine Reihe von Komponisten haben Gedichte von Friedrich Nietzsche vertont. Für das CD-Album wurden Stücke von Gustav Krug, Arnold Schönberg, Richard Trunk, Nikolai Medtner, Karl Weigl, Paul Hindemith, Ernst Pepping, Peter Ruzicka und Wolfgang Rihm ausgewählt. Die Entstehung der Lieder auf der CD Der Klang des Denkers reicht somit von der Zeit der Jahrhundertwende über die Zweite Wiener Schule und die Moderne bis zur Gegenwart.

Soundcarrier brh CD1603

Interpreters Peter Schoene, Moritz Eggert

Available from

Title Shake The Tree (2013)
Piano Music by Robert Carl

Contains contains:
Robert Carl: "Braided Bagatelles"
(piano: Moritz Eggert)

Soundcarrier innova 857

Interpreters Donald Berman, John McDonald, Erberk Eryilmaz, Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from innova
332 Minnesota Street E-145, St. Paul, Mn 55101, USA

Order CD

Title Essay on Shadow and Truth (2011)
Orchestra- and chamber music by Charlotte Seither

Contains "Dir, mir zu", song for mezzo and piano

Soundcarrier ez-45043

Interpreters Liat Himmelheber, Mezzo, Moritz Eggert, pf.

Available from edition zeitklang Musikproduktion
D-38528 Adenbüttel, Germany
Büro Berlin: Waldstraße 103

Title Radio (2009)

Contains What do a chanson, a funeral march, blues, contemporary classical music, electronic, experimental music, folk singing, jazz and country have in common? From theoretical point of view a lot. Metaphorically, all these can also be travels through spaces full of people and events, rich with time and flavour.

Robert Jukič compositions are all that, sometimes even more, sometimes even less. Unprejudiced and with all do respect to the basic principles of abused styles, genres and sound environments, the artist paints pictures we all know form somewhere, ignites deja-vu feelings but at same time lets us know this is nevertheless a different, a new face. Like a stranger we somehow now...

A long line of old friends of his and new faces were invited to work on this project, where with their help he drew the other side of the man from the background.

Soundcarrier S1238

Interpreters Jani Kovačič vocals, lyrics
Vesna Pernarčič unić vocals
Bettina Koziol vocals, lyrics
Urula Ramove in fantje iz jazbečeve grape vocals, drums
Dejan Lapanja guitars
Armend Xhaferi guitar
Jani Moder - guitar
Igor Bezget guitar, sarod
Erik Marenče piano
Kaja Draklser piano
Jerneja Grebenek piano
Sava Miletić piano
Moritz Eggert rhodes
Tonč Feinig hammond organ
Jan Kus tenor saxophone
Cene Resnik tenor saxophone
Jure Pukl tenor saxophone
Asja Grauf flute
Daniel Noesig trumpet
Kristijan Kranjčan cello
Marko ivadinović accordeon
Toma Vovk timpani
Janez Ramove lyrics
Kurt Achatz Meix - beatbox
Janko Novoselić drums, percussion
Duan Novakov drums
Toine Thys lyrics
Saa Luić, Tonč Feinig, Michael Mueller Jin sound manipulation

Available from

Order CD Zalozba Sanje d.o.o., Alesovceva 37, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Title Papa Afrika - on the road to the roots (2006)

Contains In this documentary by Otu Tetteh there is a short excerpt of a concert of mine at the Goethe-Institute Accra (Ghana)

Lars Busch/ Otu Tetteh GbR
14059 Berlin
Tel/Fax: +49(30) - 2883 3815

Title Ruhrtriennale 2005 (2005)
promotion CD with interviews


Contains can also be downloaded under

Interpreters Gert Jonke, Michael Klaus, Moritz Eggert, Christian Boltanski, Alvis Hermanis, Sven-Eric Bechthoff, Hans Neuenfels, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Elene Chernin, Mnozil Brass, Cecilia Bartoli

Available from RuhrTriennale
Kultur Ruhr GmbH
Leithestrasse 35
45886 Gelsenkirchen
fon: 0209-1671700
fax: 02109-1671739

Title Sweet Surrender (2005)
Sweet Surrender

Cover Sweet Surrender
Cover Sweet Surrender

Contains Undercover radio play, pt.II by Ammer & ConsoleParticipation as speaker

Soundcarrier WDR code 007

Interpreters Insa Backe, Schorsch Kamerun, Markus Gruen, Katja Lange-Mueller, Tim Staffel, Moritz Eggert

Available from

Title Unser Oskar (2004)
"speech opera" by Andreas Ammer and Sebastian Hess

Unser Oskar
Unser Oskar

Contains A coproduction of the Bavarian State Opera and the Bavarian RadioLive recording of the premiere on Juli 30, 2003

Soundcarrier intermedium rec.018

Interpreters With Sepp Bierbichler, Michael Tregor, Susanne Buchenberger, Bachhauser Blasmusik, Sebastian Hess, cello, composition, Ralph Beerkircher, e-git. and loops, Moritz Eggert, typewriter and piano

Available from

Order CD Bayerischer Rundfunk
Hörspiel und Medienkunst
Rundfunkplatz 1
D-80300 München
Tel. +49(0)89/5900-2252
Fax +49(0)89/5900-2671

Title Pollicino (2002)
opera for and with children

cover Pollicino
cover Pollicino

Contains Participation as solo pianistPollicino (full recording), an opera by Hans Werner Henze

Soundcarrier Wergo 6664 2

Interpreters Chor und Orchester aus Schülern Berliner Musikschulen, Leitung: Jobst Liebrecht, Phillip Holstein, Laila Fischer, Therese Affolter. Thomas Schendel, Stefan Lisewski, Lore Brunner, Maria Pflueger, Moritz Eggert

Available from WERGO Postfach 3640 55026 Mainz

Order CD WERGO - a division of SCHOTT Music & Media GmbH
Weihergarten 5
55116 Mainz
Tel +49 6131 246-890
Fax +49 6131 246-216

Title Yolimba (1989)
Opera by Wilhelm Killmayer

Tracks [11-11] "Die Polizei greift ein"

Soundcarrier C 257 921 A

Interpreters although not mentioned on the CD: Wilhelm Killmayer, Markus Schmitt and Moritz Eggert as policemen on track XI, "Die Polizei greift ein"

Order CD jpc-schallplatten Versandhandelsgesellschaft mbH
Lübecker Straße 9
D-49124 Georgsmarienhütte

Telefon 0180 5251717* (*0,12 EUR/Minute)
Telefax 0180 5251716* (*0,12 EUR/Minute)




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